Bucket List #39 : Fire a gun.

I’ve been dreaming about firing a gun since high school. Might be because my dad’s a soldier and his blood runs within me or I am just really into those kind of activities. I may be dressing up as the girly girly type now but if you have known me years ago, one-of-the-boys as what … Continued

Hole In The Wall : Sebo Pacific

Just like any other business, it started as a dream. A group of then young entrepreneurs thought of putting up their own business. From the Restuarant’s name SeboPacific, I bet this was inspired by an airline company though their business is far from travel and tour. Fast forward to today, Sebo Pacific ranked first in … Continued

SouthEast Asia Day 4 : Siem Reap

The Giant Ibis Night bus arrived in Siem Reap earlier than expected. Thanks to that wifi connection, we are able to contact Bou Savy Guesthouse to let them know we are already waiting at the terminal. We were fetched by their tuktuk driver free of charge as that was included in their service. Check-In time … Continued

SouthEast Asia Day 2 : Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City at Night

I set the alarm at 5:00 AM for our early Mekong Delta tour. We took a shower and then had breakfast. You see it’s been the second day for me having my complete meals and this will go on along with the trip. That’s something new to me as I seldom have two meals or … Continued

SouthEast Asia Day 0 : Touchdown SGN

Months ago, I have posted a blog regarding how we (Me, Jen, Estela, Juverly, Pearl, Cams, Rachelle) lost our South East Asia trip due to different reasons which most of them are regarding new projects at work. Now, that came to reality but from seven people down to three (Me, Jen and Estela) and from 3000++ … Continued