Bucket List #39 : Fire a gun.

I’ve been dreaming about firing a gun since high school. Might be because my dad’s a soldier and his blood runs within me or I am just really into those kind of activities. I may be dressing up as the girly girly type now but if you have known me years ago, one-of-the-boys as what they have called me way way back, so I’m pretty sure you get the idea and wouldn’t be surprised why I liked these kind of things.


Months ago, I saw a facebook ad that offers different activities such as boxing, gym, pool access, crossfit training and more. What’s good about the offer is early birds gets free activities. I signed-up right away and after a few months, I received an email instructing me to download the KFit app.


Imagine paying your gym membership per month, and then another monthly fees for your dance classes, another for boxing class, and many other different monthly fees for your different monthly activities. Kfit offers unlimited access to all of these at different gyms, pools, boxing classes, dance classes, pool use, wall climbing, firing, archery, fencing, crossfit training, martial arts classes, badminton court access and more for just 999 per month.



I always suggests firing activity with my friends but since I’m mostly with girls now, I guess they’re just not really into this. So when I learned that KFit offers target shooting, I never hesitated to book alone and had one item in my bucket list crossed out. And as I’ve said, I’m an early bird who got it for free!


This is not my first time to fire a gun though but first time to do target shooting. Not bad huh!? SO I guess if my dad’s still alive, this would be a great father-daughter bonding. :) Untitled

I would definitely try this again but I have to tag along some friends next time. Thanks KFit!!!